Notice of Dismissal

Dear Employee,
You are given this notice of  dismissal due to economical and productional reasons.

Further information is given to You by the porter of the building You work in. If the porter of the building You work in has already been given a notice and therefore is not at present any more, please empty Your room of Your personal belongings and empty your waste basket upon expiration of the term of notice. When leaving the building for the last time, leave Your key and/or pass in the plastic bag by the main door.

If You are not able to find neither the porter of the building nor the plastic bag beside the main door, could You please buy the bag from the nearest store and hang it beside the door inside the building. Our finance department will pay You Your costs when presenting a receipt. When you are in the store please don't forget to ask for a receipt accepted by the taxation laws. The name of the seller, the name of the buyer, the total sum and the amount of the tax payed have to be found in the receipt.

We thank You very very very much for Your co-operation and ask You kindly to give information about the exeptional abilities of our company whenever You find it possible, even though You are not working with us any more.

If You have a cellular phone of Your own and would like to get this notice as an SMS, please send an SMS to our exchange writing the words NOTICE space YOURUSERNAME. The price of the message is 2,87 euros (3,70 US dollars)/message.

Have a nice day! All the best for Your future efforts! 

Director General

Our Company is giving notices using the Cheatingu Consulting E-Notice Platform.

If You find problems in the functions of this E-Notice, could You please report them directly to me so that I can close up all our businesses with Cheatingu Consulting, despite the fact that it might  make me sad because at least Cheatingu Consulting is willing to give us the E-Notice Platform consulting charging only 28604 euros (36041 US Dollars) + tax/person given notice.

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