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I have understood that Cheatingu Consulting is a registered company name in the Finnish Trade Register, Helsinki, Finland. Cheatingu Consulting's portal and all of the sites found under the domain name carry fiction created in amusement and artistic purposes. Any information given by is fictious. If the events, persons, companies or communities mentioned in have any relation with the reality it is pure coincidental.

Cheatingu Consulting is not responsible for the fysical, psychical, economical or technical damages that the use of this portal may cause included the loss of time, apetite, sleep, money, real estate, diamonds, stocks or job.

All rights of the this portal and its content are reserved by Cheatingu Consulting.

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We reserve the right to publish anything You mail us without a separate permission, further notice or any payment at all. This as such is quite swinish behavior, but we have not yet been able to create such a strategy to operate that we could pay anyone a decent compensation for his or her efforts. However, that seems to be quite difficult even for the media owned by exchange-listed companies or the state.

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